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INvestEd’s Top 5 Financial Aid Fact Sheets

By Bill Wozniak

Would you like your financial aid questions answered quick and easy in a step-by-step format? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

A scattering of INvestEd booklets and other documents

INvestEd has created one page fact sheets for everything from “Creating your FSA ID” to “Top College Search Questions” to even a “FAFSA Checklist” to walk you through the process. And if you would prefer to instead learn WHAT an FSA ID is, we’re happy to help with that too.

INvestEd’s Top 5 Financial Aid Sheets:

  1. FAFSA Checklist
    INvestEd’s FAFSA Checklist should be a staple for first time filers to have handy when they sit down to complete the FAFSA. It will walk you through each piece of information you’ll need to complete the FAFSA accurately the first time.
  2. Creating Your FSA ID
    Nervous about creating this important ID that you’ll use to sign the FAFSA or later on use to check on your Federal Student Loans? This checklist goes step by step through the process to make it streamlined and quick. If you do someday forget your ID, INvestEd also has a checklist to help you retrieve it.
  3. Scholarship Search Help
    Do you find yourself thinking, “I really need to find scholarships for school” but not sure where to start? INvestEd’s Scholarship Search Help sheet is what you are looking for. With some good tips to help you get organized to listing out some local and national areas to find scholarships, this will get you going down the right path to find that FREE money for school.
  4. Top College Questions
    When it comes to finding the right college for you, there are two places to start. The cafeteria, to make sure the food is good, and asking questions! Asking the RIGHT questions will ensure you have a really good feel for a school before you make your final decision. The Top College Search Questions handout has 23 questions to get you the answers you need.
  5. College Planning Guide
    INvestEd’s College Planning Guide is the perfect piece to read when you are just starting to formulate your college plan. Perfect for students of all ages and their family, this guide will walk you through how to find the right major and school, lock down some financial aid, and other key stops along the way.

If you have any questions about these tools, or need help planning for college, INvestEd is just a phone call or an email away at (317)715-9007 and Outreach@INvestEdIndiana.Org. We will even be in your area if you wanted to ask questions in person – check out our event calendar to see when.

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