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The road to higher education and a college degree begins with educating yourself on the best path for your student and family. That’s why INvestEd is truly invested in Indiana’s students.

For nearly four decades, INvestEd has been providing students and their parents with solutions to help put higher education within reach. We believe that strong choices before college are the best way to limit excessive student loan debt after college.

We’ve helped thousands of Hoosier families with free, expert advice. Let us help you, too.

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The INvestEd Student Loan is a different type of private loan with multiple options and repayment benefits, from an Indiana lender.

The INvestEd Parent Loan is an opportunity for parents or other adults to borrow to help that student fund their education.

The INvestEd Refi Loan helps those with existing student debt lower their monthly payment, interest rate, or overall cost, and organize multiple payments into one.

INvestEd and our partners are dedicated to help make college funding as affordable as possible by offering hard-working families and their students options that simply make more sense.

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INvestEd offering free guidance to Hoosiers on completing Workforce Ready Grant. Learn More

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