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Financial assistance comes in the form of grants, scholarships, work-study and loans. Knowing how each of these fit into your college funding puzzle could make all the difference in determining if a school is the right fit for you. Being able to compare college costs is key!

Net Price Calculator

Net Price Calculators are a great place to begin putting these pieces together and estimate the amount your family will need to pay out of pocket or possibly borrow to attend. The link below provides an opportunity for you to enter the name of the school and be directed to their NPC.
NetPrice Center
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Comparison Tips

As you’re working through the school selection process, it can be incredibly beneficial to compare the cost of each school side by side. Some key things to remember about the net price calculator and the school comparisons:

  • The information provided by the net price calculator is an estimate, it is not guaranteed.
  • Use our College Cost Comparison Worksheet to enter each result to compare multiple schools side by side!
  • The more accurate the information you put into the net price calculator, the closer the estimated price will be.
  • Things such as outside scholarships, making different housing choices, or a change in your family’s finances can affect the end result.
  • Use the INvestEd College Planning Toolbox to project the cost needed to cover college and the amount you’ll need to save to help reduce potential loan debt.