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Preparation—Taking Steps Today to Help Your Future

An education can help prepare you for the many twists and turns your life will take. But getting that education requires a steadfast commitment to preparation, too, especially when it comes to choosing a future career, finding the right school, saving for college, and comparing the costs of the different paths before you.

Choosing Your Career

Preparing for education beyond high school is the first step toward making wise decisions and avoiding excessive student loan debt. INvestEd has pages of information on important topics to help you as you prepare for this exciting journey to continue your education.

Comparing College Costs

Making informed decisions is critical for any family working through the college planning process. Comparing schools, projected costs and potential financial aid provides key pieces of information.

Saving for College

Whether you begin setting money aside the day your child is born, when you get your first job, or simply when you realize college is only a year away, the key is getting started. INvestEd understands that saving for college isn’t easy, but it is very beneficial.

Choosing Your School

Changing majors and transferring from school to school often keeps students from graduating on time. When you don’t finish on time, your potential loan debt increases substantially!

Finding Scholarships

The best way to fund education is to find money that doesn’t have to be paid back! Scholarships are a key part of paying for college wisely and one of the best types of FREE money.

Finding College Grants

Grants are forms of FREE money for college that do not have to be paid back. Grants can come from the state and federal government, as well as the college or university you attend. The good news is you only have to file one application in order to apply, the FAFSA!

“You hit home runs not by chance but by preparation.”

Roger Maris

Prepare for College

We’re here for every step

Whether you’re just starting to plan, ready to fund your education or need help managing student loan debt, INvestEd is here to help every step of the way!

  1. Investigate career paths & choose the right program/college
  2. Maximize FREE money & minimize student loan debt
  3. Apply for financial aid & meet deadlines
  4. Compare Financial Aid Offers
  5. Manage student loan debt & understand repayment options
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Hoosiers Want Trusted Partners to Help Navigate Funding Options & Avoid Student Debt.

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