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The INvestEd Student Loan difference!

The INvestEd Student Loan is different than other private loans primarily because INvestEd is a different type of lender. We work with Hoosier families at our literacy events and offer resources to maximize free financial aid money so loans are the last piece of the puzzle, not the first! Our goal is to help families fulfill their dreams of completing college and doing so with the least debt possible.

We believe wise borrowing is informed borrowing. Before applying for any private student loans, INvestEd encourages families to explore other sources of funding such as college savings plans, grants, scholarships, and federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Should you find a private loan is needed to close the funding gap, INvestEd and our partners offer hard-working, qualified families a better private loan option – the INvestEd Student Loan!

You can apply now or read more about the INvestEd Student Loan difference!

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True Benefits

Some INvestEd benefits are similar to other lenders, but we go above and beyond by also rewarding graduation! We offer a 2% principal reduction when a borrower graduates from a program for which they have used the INvestEd Student Loan. Please check out the specifics of this and all our borrower benefits.

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One loan option doesn’t fit everyone, which is why INvestEd has five different loan options for families. Of course the best option to limit your overall debt is to begin repayment immediately, but we understand that isn’t always possible; therefore we also have interest only and full deferment options available. Review all our loan options, including our current fixed and variable rates.

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Strategic Partnerships

As an Indiana company wanting to help students from Indiana as well as students attending Indiana colleges and universities, INvestEd (loan administrator/lender) has partnered with First Merchants Bank (loan lender), Campus Door (loan processor) and American Education Services (loan servicer) to provide a competitive private loan with the highest quality of service. Review a synopsis of the INvestEd Student Loan underwriting criteria to see if your family would potentially qualify.

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Now that you understand how INvestEd is different, let’s see if we can help your family fill that funding gap!

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INvestEd Student Loan

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