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Refinance with INvestEd

Use the calculator below to see how much you might save by refinancing your student loans with INvestEd. You may find savings with a lower monthly payment, interest rate, overall cost, or a combination of the three.

Review your options below then start an application, or reach out to one of our experts to answer your questions at 317-715-9015.

If you are applying with a co-signer enter the information of the person with the highest credit score.

$ Include mortgage or rent, along with any other revolving debt payments.

Please combine the information from all of the loans you are planning to include in your INvestEd Refi Loan.


Monthly Payment:

Remaining Overall Loan Costs:

Use the information below to help guide you toward refinancing your student loans.

Please complete the form below to have your INvestEd Refi Calculator savings options emailed to you.

1 The INvestEd Refi Loan requires a minimum annual income and a borrower or cosigner on a cosigned application must be continuously employed for the past year. The one (1) year continuous employment requirement may be waived for recent graduates, retirees, disabled persons or those receiving a verified income. For more information on eligibility requirements, review our Refinance Loan Terms.

2 Possible New Monthly Payment, Change in Payment, and Life of Loan Savings or Loss: These new monthly payment amounts, changes in payment amounts, and savings (or losses) are estimates only and are based on the information that you provide. We take that information (monthly income, monthly expenses, credit score estimate, current student loan totals, average term remaining on your student loans, and average interest rate on your student loans) and calculate what your new monthly payment, change in payment, and life of loan savings (or loss) might be if you were to qualify for various loans that we offer. A up arrowindicates an increase in your monthly payment whereas a down arrow indicates a decrease in your monthly payment. Loan savings (overall cost decrease) are shown in green whereas loan losses (overall cost increase) are shown in red. Note that you may not see any savings (or any significant savings) if your terms are approximately the same. Moreover, reducing your payments may be beneficial in the short run but may cost you more in the long run, which is why you may see a loss with a monthly payment reduction. If you have any questions about the information you provide or about the calculations we perform, contact us at 317-715-9015. Keep in mind that your actual rate, monthly payment, and savings (or loss) may be different based on your verified income, actual monthly expenses, current credit history, credit score, and other credit criteria. Once you apply, we can tell you if you qualify and what terms we can offer to you.

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