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INvestEd Refi Loan Benefits

Repayment Benefit

Earn a 0.25% ACH interest rate reduction by making auto-debit payments when you begin principal and interest repayment.

The 0.25% ACH interest rate reduction will apply once American Education Services begins to automatically deduct payments and will remain in effect as long as automatic payments continue without interruption during the repayment period. The 0.25% interest rate reduction will not lower the monthly payment amount but will instead reduce the interest amount that accrues. The interest rate reduction will be suspended during approved deferment(s) or forbearance(s) or if automatic payments are rejected due to insufficient funds.

Co-signer Release

You may apply to have your co-signer released from their obligation after the first 12 consecutive monthly principal and interest payments are received on time as long as you meet the underwriting and credit criteria at the time the co-signer release is requested.


INvestEd understands that situations arise that may demonstrate a need to defer repayment so we offer the following deferment options for the INvestEd Refi Loan:

  • In-School Deferment
    • Borrowers that re-enroll at least half-time at an eligible institution for the purpose of obtaining a graduate degree may be eligible for an In-School Deferment of up to thirty-six (36) months. Borrower must apply for an In-School deferment and approval is subject to enrollment verification by the loan servicer.
  • Active Duty Military Deferment
    • Borrower must be serving on active duty or performing qualifying National Guard duty during a war, other military operation, or national emergency.
  • Forbearance/Temporary Hardship
    • DefermentBorrowers experiencing periods of financial difficulty may be granted two forbearances per twelve month period.
    • Forbearance duration may be from a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months.
    • A maximum of twenty-four total months of forbearance may be granted during the life of the loan.

Please Note: Deferments may be requested in writing or by completing and signing a deferment form along with the appropriate requested documentation. All deferments are provided at the sole discretion of INvestEd. No principal and interest payments will be required during the deferment periods, however unpaid interest will accrue and capitalize at the end of the deferment period or re-entering repayment.

DISCLAIMER – Subject to credit approval, loans are made by INvestEd or Bank of Lake Mills. Bank of Lake Mills does not have an ownership interest in INvestEd. Neither INvestEd nor Bank of Lake Mills is affiliated with the school you attended or are attending. Bank of Lake Mills is Member FDIC. None of the information contained in this website constitutes a recommendation, solicitation or offer by INvestEd or Bank of Lake Mills or their respective affiliates to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or other assets or provide any investment advice or service.

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