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Any adventure starts with the first step, and INvestEd wants to help you plan for college wisely. Determining the right major, school and funding options takes time and research. Organizing your information is critical too. The starting point is realistically looking at where you are today so you can determine the steps needed to move forward toward your future goal and INvestEd’s College Planning Toolbox can help you do just that.

INvestEd College Planning Toolbox

An essential piece to any plan is having a map and tools to move from point A to point B. The INvestEd College Planning Toolbox helps families track the various pieces of the college planning puzzle, allowing for more informed decisions. Regardless of whether college is far off or starts much sooner, the tool will provide vital help with the process. You can also project the costs needed to cover for college and the amount you’ll need to save to help reduce potential loan debt, as well as compare various savings options. Don’t wait. Get started today!

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