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INvestEd Parent Loan

INvestEd Parent Loan

Picking the right loan is important. INvestEd is here to help you find the financial plan that works best for you and your family.

The INvestEd Parent Loan difference!

The INvestEd Parent Loan is different than other private loans primarily because INvestEd is a different type of lender. We work with Hoosier families at our literacy events and offer resources to maximize free financial aid money so loans are the last piece of the puzzle, not the first! Our goal is to help families fulfill their dreams of completing college and doing so with the least debt possible.

You can apply now or read more about the INvestEd Parent Loan difference!

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One loan option doesn’t fit everyone, which is why INvestEd has multiple options for families. Of course the best option to limit your overall debt; therefore we provide several options to help find the right loan fit for you. Review all our loan options at the link below.

Rates as low as:

  • 5.86% APR1 Variable2
  • 4.37% APR1 Fixed3
  • Repayment terms of 5, 10, and 15 years

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Borrower Benefits

  • Earn a 0.25% ACH interest rate reduction by making auto-debit payments.
  • Co-signer release opportunity after 12 consecutive on-time principal and interest payments.



  • Must be an Indiana resident.
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Borrower and co-signer (if applicable) must have established credit history and meet annual income requirements.

This list of criteria is not exhaustive. For additional details, please click the Learn More link below.


Now that you understand how INvestEd is different, let’s see if we can help your family fill that funding gap!

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1 Lowest rates shown are for eligible, creditworthy applicants and require shortest length of repayment and our automatic payment discount of 0.25%. Annual percentage rates (APR) listed are based on borrowing $10,000 in a single disbursement. Actual rate will depend on credit score. Automatic payments are not required.

2 The variable rate is subject to increase after consummation. The maximum variable interest rate is 21%. The variable interest rate that is charged the borrower is reset quarterly, may increase or decrease, and is based on an Index and Margin. That means that your rate could move lower or higher than the rates on this form. The variable rate is based upon the average of the three-month forward-term version of the 90-day Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) published by a source approved by the Alternative Reference Rate Committee (ARRC).

3 The fixed rate will not change during the term of the loan.

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