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INvestEd helps thousands of Hoosier families with steps in the college planning process. We know it can seem a little overwhelming and many questions may come up as you go through it. Below we’ve listed answers to some of the questions we get asked most frequently as a quick resource for you!

College Planning

Financial Aid

After the FAFSA

Remember, these are just frequently asked questions; your situation may be unique. Always remember that you can contact us with any questions you may have at (317) 715-9007 or by email at and we’ll respond with an answer quickly!

We’re Here for You

Connecting with us is easy for you and your family. Call an INvestEd team member at 317-715-9007 or email us. We’re not a normal business hours team — we’re a service hours team! Also, check our Events Calendar to see if we will be at a location near you.

Hoosiers Want Trusted Partners to Help Navigate Funding Options & Avoid Student Debt.

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