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Screenshot of FOX59 interview about student loan debt concerns

College Financial Aid Assistance for Hoosiers

By Matt Krieg

Angela Ganote from Fox59 and INvestEd’s Bill Wozniak discuss the findings of a new survey about student debt and the value of higher ed.  You can also learn about INvestEd’s free help as you pursue post-secondary education.

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A female student in an aisle of books at the campus library looks quizzically off to the side

Top 5 Things To Know About Student Loans

By Bill Wozniak

Understanding student loan options when deciding how to pay for college leads to less debt. At INvestEd, we want Hoosiers to earn a degree with the least debt possible so future income is not all spent on loan payments.

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Hoosiers Want Trusted Partners to Help Navigate Funding Options & Avoid Student Debt.

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