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INvestEd Refi Loan Marketplace

INvestEd Refi Loan Marketplace

Take control of your student loans with the
INvestEd Refi Loan Marketplace!

Compare personalized refi loan
rates and terms side-by-side.
Choose an affordable refi
loan and simplify your loan repayment.

The best way to shop for refi solutions.

Student loans are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they may have made college possible. On the other, it may feel like you'll never get them paid off. The truth is, you can get out from under them and refinancing them into a new loan with lower rates may be the answer. This is why we promote the INvestEd Refi Loan Marketplace, powered by Purefy, as the option to shop for student loan refi solutions!


The INvestEd Refi Loan Marketplace is proud to partner with high quality banks and credit unions. To view the current list of lenders in the INvestEd Refi Loan Marketplace, click here.

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INvestEd Refi Loan Marketplace

Purefy offers a transparent approach and simple process which can save you money on your student loans.

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