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Exploring and financing your higher education and career training options can be stressful. At INvestEd, we’ve been helping Hoosiers navigate the process of choosing and paying for post-high school education programs for more than 35 years.

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Whether you need support on choosing an education or career training program, applying for financial aid resources, or deciding which student loan is best for you, INvestEd has your back. To get started, see below for information on INvestEd’s free guidance and resources that can help you answer common questions about education and training beyond high school. Or, call us at (317) 715-9007 to speak one-on-one with one of our trusted experts and kickstart your new education and career.

We’re available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If we’re unavailable at the time of your call, leave us a voice message and we’ll call you back within one business day. You can also connect with us at Outreach@INvestEdIndiana.org.

Where Should I Enroll?

Whether you’re looking for a college degree, a high-value certificate or an industry credential, there are hundreds of higher education and training opportunities available to Hoosiers looking to advance their career or find a new job. INvestEd can help you research and find the program that best aligns with your personal and financial goals, in addition to providing you with guidance on how to manage the costs of your education.

To get started, call INvestEd today to learn more about which education and training options may be the right fit for you. You can also research potential careers and education programs with tools from Learn More Indiana and College Navigator, or by using one of the career exploration tools listed on our website.

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How Can I Pay For It?

Cost is often the largest barrier for those seeking education and training beyond high school. From helping Hoosiers take advantage of financial aid resources to navigating student loan and refinancing options, INvestEd is committed to making education and training as affordable as possible for Hoosiers. See below for more information on how to minimize and manage education costs, or call us today for one-on-one guidance with a financial aid and student loan expert.

FAFSA Completion

The FAFSA is a critical resource for accessing financial aid from the state and federal government, including Federal Pell Grants, and Indiana’s Frank O’Bannon Grant and 21st Century Scholarship. Each year, INvestEd provides guidance on completing the FAFSA to more than 8,500 Hoosier families, and our goal is to ensure that every Hoosier who wants to file the FAFSA is able to do so with ease.

To learn more about completing the FAFSA, visit https://www.investedindiana.org/literacy/putting-pieces-together/completing-filing-fafsa/ or check out our FAFSA Checklist.

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Workforce Ready Grant

The Workforce Ready Grant helps qualifying, working-age Hoosiers enroll in tuition-free training programs in any one of the following, high-demand fields in Indiana:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Building & Construction
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • IT & Business Services
  • Transportation & Logistics

By covering all tuition and regularly assessed fees for qualifying high-value certificates at approved training providers across Indiana, the Workforce Ready Grant helps Hoosiers acquire good-paying, in-demand jobs within high-growth sectors of Indiana’s economy.

INvestEd is partnering with Indiana’s Next Level Jobs program to provide free guidance on completing the tuition-free Workforce Ready Grant. To learn more—including grant eligibility requirements and other frequently asked questions—visit https://www.investedindiana.org/workforce-ready-grant/.

Student Loan and Refinancing Options

Many students and families rely on loans to fund their education and training, and the average indebted college graduate in Indiana carries an estimated $29,000 in student loans. INvestEd is the trusted, non-profit partner Hoosier families depend on as a guide for responsible lending options that can help reduce education costs, along with resources for refinancing student debt.

When choosing a lender for student loans, we recommend that each Hoosier does the following:

  • Research rates and terms to understand what options are available.
  • Look for borrower benefits that actually save you money and reward hard work.
  • Understand your repayment options.
  • Select a lender that you can trust.

INvestEd also offers responsible lending options exclusively for Hoosiers families and students attending Indiana colleges and universities along with refinancing plans that can give Hoosiers greater financial freedom. To learn more about choosing a lending provider and managing student debt, visit https://www.investedindiana.org/lending/.

About INvestEd

INvestEd is Indiana’s only state-based, nonprofit financial aid literacy and student loan organization, one of 22 across the country. INvestEd provides literacy programs that help Hoosier families understand college costs and how to fund college with the least debt. INvestEd also offers responsible lending and refinancing options to Hoosiers. To learn more about us or to receive a free online toolkit to help plan for college costs, go to www.investedindiana.org.