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Making informed decisions is critical for any family working through the college planning process. Comparing schools, projected costs and potential financial aid provides key pieces of information.

Finding the right fit academically, personally and financially can help reduce anxiety and excessive student loan debt. INvestEd can help guide you through the comparison process with some great tools and resources!

Comparing College Costs

Financial assistance comes in the form of grants, scholarships, work study and loans. Knowing how each of these fit into your college funding puzzle could make the difference in determining if a school is the right fit for you.

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Understanding Student Loan Options

When looking at your options to pay for college, you may have to decide if you’ll use education loans for part of the funding. Loans are one option available to pay for the cost of education, but remember, they must be paid back!

Education loans can be in either the student or parent’s name, or both. They can come from the federal government, or from a private lender. INvestEd is here to help Hoosier families understand the various loan options, which can lead to smarter choices!

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Finalizing Financial Aid

College is a big investment that provides numerous opportunities. The choices you make in how to pay for it, however, can impact your financial future. A proper plan to pay for college maximizes free money and minimizes debt.

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