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You hit home runs not by chance but by preparation.
– Roger Maris


We’ll help you hit it out of the park.

You’ve been planning for college since birth. All the education, tests, tutors, last-minute homework, tears and smiles have led to here: you’re going to college! From the moment the acceptance letters started hitting the mailbox, the reality set in…and you began to wonder if you were really prepared. How much will it cost? Do we have enough set aside? If not, where do we turn next?

Good news. INvestEd has partnered with thousands of students and parents to help them make the best college planning decisions. From help filing the FAFSA to suggestions for how to compare college costs, INvestEd is there for any family with questions.

Just like prepping for a test, making the right choices for your family when it comes to paying for college requires some study. Check out the information pages in our Prep, Compare and Afford sections that will help you make informed choices so you finish college with minimum debt.

Counselors: we know your job is important. Your students and families have questions. Lots and lots of questions. We’ve partnered with hundreds of high school counselors to make their jobs easier and put all the information at their fingertips to share with their audience. Even better: we’ll come to your school and help them with the planning for college process! Visit Counselors for more details and valuable resources.


The day a child is born is the day to start preparing for how to pay for college. Even if you didn’t start then, there are lots of things you can do to avoid student loan debt. College may seem like a long way away, but kids grow up fast!

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The best way to avoid excessive student loan debt is to make informed choices before college. Comparing colleges, net costs, award letters and much more is the way to know what is best for your family. INvestEd has resources to help you with this!

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The applications have been filed, the acceptance letters are coming in, and suddenly it’s time to write that first big check. If you find that you need additional funds, we can help you navigate those waters and find the best options for your family.

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Organizing what you will need to pay for college someday as well as what you may have already saved is very important. Use the INvestEd College Planning Toolbox to do this and much more!

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